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Our Team

Meet our Team. You will notice that we are very fortunate in that the majority of our Team have been with us for years. If you were to ask any of our Team what they enjoy about working with En Vogue, the answer would be, we are family.

All of our Team are certified in their profession and training is ongoing as we recognize our industry is ever changing and innovative. It is our assurance that you will receive optimum care and skill in your treatments.

Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie & Kim Cassell

Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie & Kim Cassell - Owners

As we enter our 20th Year we want to thank Regina and surrounding communities for supporting our growth and success. Of course, success is only achieved with the help of our dedicated Team. Our Team is part of our family, we support and love each and every one of them!


Chris - Educator, Skin Care & Body Treatment Specialist

Chris joined our team in March 1999, shortly after we opened. Chris has helped us transition and grow over the years and is part of our family! She is a master of her profession and has added educator to her extensive repertoire.


Dawn - Leading Esthetician

Dawn joined our team in 2003. She got married and once babies started to arrive she decided to retire from her esthetician and spa manger position to stay home and be a mom. Time goes by, life changes and we are happy to report that she has come home to En Vogue! Welcome home Dawn!!


Ai - Leading Esthetician

Ai joined our team in June of 2005. Ai is our quiet one. Ai is a skilled professional, attuned to clients needs and willing to share her thoughts with us and always ready to jump in whenever or whereever she is needed. Loved by clients and us!


Dani - RMT

Dani joined our team in July 2010. Dani is our world traveler as you can tell by the cat she is snuggling! Off she goes to Africa, Thailand and who knows where next! We all travel vicariously with her! Dani, is quiet, astute and always happy to go off and learn something new in her field.


Kyana - Client Relations

Kyana joined our team in January 2011. Kyana started working with us part-time while attending high school. We were happy after graduating, she decided to move to a full-time team member. Kyana blossomed over the years, continuing to grow in her important role with our valued clients She has left us now but continues to work a bit, just to see all the people she has built relationships with.


Laura - RMT

Laura joined our team in November 2006. Laura works hard to keep herself in top physical shape.. running marathons and taking demanding classes in some form of exercise. She pays attention to detail and loves her career. Laura is a also our Ms. Fix-it.. she can fix just about anything and no matter what she has a smile on her face.


Shawna - Leading Esthetician/Manager

Shawna joined our team in June of 1999. Shawna is an expert in her field and guides others in the Team. She is multi-skilled and possesses a gentleness that her clients, our team and we appreciate. Shawna, goes above and beyond, always ready to jump in to help her Team...


Thesbe - Spa Support

Thesbe joined our team in August of 2013 when we lost our beloved Angelina to cancer. Thesbe is from the Philippines, a joy to be around and we are fortunate that she found her way to us! She calls us her Canadian family... and we love her.


Sandra - Leading Esthetician

Sandra joined our team in August 2007. Sandra is our easy going, Team member. She has a good sense of humor and a dry wit that she will use to get a point across that will benefit the Team. Never a dull day... we all enjoy working with her.


Alex - Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Alex joined our team in February 2010. Alex is methodical and a perfectionist, a valued member of our Team. She LOVES to do makeup artistry, especially brides for their special day! She always has a smile and we all enjoy being around her and everyone knows she is always there for them.

Tiana T.C.

Tiana (T.C.) - Esthetician

T.C. joined our Team in April 2016. She is a "Newbie" with a passion for beauty and esthetics. She is attending additional training and brings enthusiasm and freshness to our Team.

Tiana Z

Tiana Z - Nail Technician & Freehand Nail Artist

Tiana joined our Team in May of 2016. She may not be talkative but she love, loves doing Biosculpt Gel Nails... and she is very artistic... we always love to see her latest art... hard to believe what you can paint on a finger nail canvas!


Bryana - Client Services

Bryana joined our Team in August 2015 working part-time while she finished grade 12. Since graduation, she has joined us full-time continuing to grow in her important role with our valued clients. Bryana possesses leadership and organizing skills that are called on many times in her position. Her ability to remain calm and unflustered is appreciated by all that work with her.


Maisyn - Jane Iredale Makeup Artist, Waxing Tech

Maisyn is a Newbie. She joined our Team in August 2016. She love loves Makeup and enjoys expanding her art with new collections as they are released...


Jenna - Client Services

Jenna joined our Team in June 2016, working part-time as she completed grade 12. Since graduation she has joined us full-time, continuing to grow in her important role, helping our valued clients.


Elise - Client Services

Elise has been with us in one capacity or another for 10 years plus. Currently, she helps us out with client services whenever we need her... we keep working on her to come back fulltime, but so far not working :(


Jenna - Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Jenna is a Newbie... She joined our Team in February 2017. Her passion is skincare, gel nails and makeup. Jenna is definitely an asset to our Team and we know she will excel at her chosen career.